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Face to Face is a human services organization dedicated to the health, well-being, and stability of our community. Face to Face meets basic human needs and reduces suffering. With hospitality, we provide a safe environment and practical tools, which enable the people of our community to confront personal challenges, empower their lives, and fulfill their unique potential.

Letter from Mary Kay

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Letter from Mary Kay

Welcome to Face to Face!
I am honored to share with you our vision for the future. We work as a team to meet human needs and transform lives, and we invite you to join us in a campaign for those most in need in our community.
To begin, walk with me through our front doors. The aging structure will no doubt catch your eye, but don’t stop there. You will be greeted warmly by the members of our community–our volunteers, our staff, and our guests. Look deeply into the eyes of the people sitting in the dining room, meeting with the attorney or social worker, having their blood pressure checked by a nurse, or creating a piece of artwork. We serve some of the poorest and most marginalized people in our city. One might expect to find tension, sullen attitudes, and pent-up anger – in reality, the opposite is true. Upon entering, our guests are wrapped in hospitality, treated with respect, and encouraged to both enjoy and contribute to this peaceful, welcoming atmosphere.
And they do.
The children we serve are burdened with traumas beyond what most of us can imagine. Watch them play and learn in our safe and caring environment. We work to holistically address the many issues that contribute to both the achievement gap and the hope gap that make it hard for them to envision a different future.
Our plans are designed to take the best of what we have and to expand our capacity, service, and reach in order to meet the pressing needs that surround us all. At Face to Face, it’s not only what we do, it’s how we do it that has led to our success and to the welcoming and supportive environment. We serve as a special haven for our community. It’s time to build on that.
This campaign embodies the present and the future. We are addressing immediate needs while providing support and hope for all of our guests’ futures.
We hope that the following pages will inspire you and encourage you to make an investment in Face to Face that will create a timeless and priceless impact on so many. Please join us.


Mary Kay Meeks-Hank
Executive Director

Roots and Evolution

Face to Face began as a church-sponsored soup kitchen in 1985. Since then, Face to Face has grown into a multi-faceted human services organization which provides nutritious meals, nurse-managed health care, legal and social services, and year-round programs for children. Through the years, we have become a safe haven to the underserved residents of Germantown - many of whom suffer from chronic mental and physical illness and live in sub-standard conditions. The majority of the individuals and families we serve live in DEEP POVERTY, which means a family of four lives on $11,925 a year or less or an individual lives on $5,835 a year or less. Today, as an independent nonprofit, we serve more than 2,500 people each year.


Guided by our motto, “hospitality, mutuality, and transformation,” we offer an array of services in a caring and supportive manner. We know most of our guests by name, and each person is welcomed with a smile. Everyone, including staff, volunteers, and guests, contributes to our warm and dignified atmosphere.

  • Face to Face serves over 30,000 well-balanced meals each year to our guests.
  • The Health Center addresses the needs of 600 patients during more than
    2,000 visits.
  • The Legal Center assists over 600 clients during more than 800 encounters.
  • Our Social Services Program guides and refers over 600 clients to best meet
    their needs.
  • Our fully-licensed After School Program provides tutoring, homework help, and supervised play for 38 children after school each day. The July Enrichment Camp provides up to 80 children with days filled with dance, sports, music, art, and the magic of summer. The August Back to School Academic Camp offers remedial help in reading and math for up to 30 children in preparation for the new school year.

Our Vision for Tomorrow

All Face to Face services operate within a stately, but deteriorating, 130-year-old building on the grounds of St. Vincent de Paul Parish located on Price Street in the heart of Germantown. Our kitchen facilities are too small to accommodate the growing number of people facing hunger. We lack a dedicated space for our children’s programs, which forces us to curtail adult services, especially in the summer. We must renovate in order to increase and improve our services to both adults and children. Face to Face is excited to report that we have obtained a long-term lease for the building from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. As a result of this commitment, we are embarking on a $5 million dollar capital campaign to take our services to the next level.

Dining Room

Our Dining Room is so much more than a place to eat!

Our doors open in the morning and guests can smell the fresh coffee beckoning them to come in from the streets and enjoy safety and companionship. The Dining Room serves as a community room and conduit to all of our other services until the meal begins at midday. Throughout the morning, the kitchen crew works with our chef to prepare nutritious meals that are served restaurant-style to the thousands of people who dine with us each year. In 2015, we served 30,081 meals.

Expanding Dining Services and Spaces

Hunger is a 7-day-a-week-issue, but currently we only have the capacity to serve meals 4 days a week. A new, modernized kitchen facility will enable us to expand services, increasing the number of meals and the number of days we serve. Our dining area will be designed for comfort and dignity. In the renovated space, guests will be served a nutritious meal while enjoying interaction and community.

A new, modernized kitchen facility will enable us to expand services,
increasing the number of meals and the number of days we serve.

Children's Programs

Children in deep poverty are more frequently hospitalized, do less well in school, and are less likely to be employed later in life. Face to Face’s Children’s Programs include an After School tutoring and remediation program, a July Enrichment Camp, and an August Back to School Academic Camp. Our services are designed to address the needs of the children in our community. They suffer deprivations of every kind – hunger, squalid living conditions, lack of stability. All children need a safe place to play as well as guidance with homework. We provide love, mentoring, and positive role models who help direct them to a future beyond poverty.

Building to Serve and Educate Children and Youth

This renovation will enable Face to Face to serve three times as many children and youth as we do today. Currently we have no dedicated children’s space, and the sharing of the facilities with adult services impacts our ability to expand and improve. Through our campaign, we will create three classrooms and a large play area for physical activities in a 7,000 square foot space that has not been utilized since the 1970’s. Restoring this space will provide a safe, dedicated place where we can realize our dream of addressing the achievement gap as early as pre-school - changing the trajectory of these children’s lives.

Our goal is to ensure that the children we serve today do not become the adult clients
of Face to Face tomorrow.

We will create three classrooms and a large play area for physical activities
in a 7,000 square foot space that has not been utilized since the 1970’s.


Health Center

Poverty is toxic. Our clients routinely deal with hypertension, diabetes, stress, and anxiety. In our Health Center, each patient is met with personal care and attention. The nurses listen and respond with professional advice, encouragement, and support. Our team of nurses, podiatrists, and alternative specialists, including Reiki practitioners, approaches health care in a holistic and innovative manner.

Legal Center

For twenty-five years, our Legal Center has given a voice to people marginalized by poverty and mental illness.  Our legal team works with our clients to obtain legal identification, avert eviction, settle disputes with landlords, and receive and maintain the benefits to which they are entitled.  Many of our clients are NOT homeless today thanks to the intervention of our Legal Center staff.

Social Services Center

The Social Services team at Face to Face meets clients where they are.  Our clients come seeking help with housing, utility shut-offs, access to benefits, referrals to mental health services, finding a job, and simple needs for toiletries or diapers.  In every instance, we respond.  Clients often come to us feeling fearful and vulnerable; they leave with greater confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that they can return for support and assistance.

Expanding Services to Meet the Need

Face to Face has relied on the good will of staff, volunteers, and guests, by attempting to fit the “square peg” of a particular service into the “round hole” of available space.  These renovations will allow us to expand the scope of health, legal, and social services to meet the growing demand and provide for the most effective, client-centered collaboration among programs.  In support of expanded services, we will repair both interior and exterior structural issues, provide for adequate heating and cooling, and brighten and adapt the space, creating a modern facility that will reflect the hospitality and dignity of Face to Face.

Gift Pyramid

In pursuit of our $5 million goal for this campaign, we aim to fulfill set numbers of gifts at many different levels. We plan to raise $4.1 million from individuals. The remaining $900,000 will be raised from foundation supporters. The chart below demonstrates the number of donors we will need at each giving level to fulfill our goal and fully fund our capital campaign.

face to face gift pyramid

Projected Increase In Meals Served

Projected Adult Programs Expansion

Projected Children’s Programs Expansion

Face to Face Thanks its Capital Campaign Cornerstone Donors

The Maguire Foundation

The Raynier Foundation

The Connelly Foundation

The Jamie and Lisa Maguire Family Foundation

The Christopher and Ellen Maguire Foundation

The Otto Haas Charitable Trust

Jordan and Deanna Berman

Colonial Electric Supply

The Drumcliff Foundation

Laura and Marc McKenna

The Mill Spring Foundation

The Swartley Family

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Face to Face
109 East Price Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 849-0179

Mary Kay Meeks-Hank
Executive Director

Jeanne Reiche
Director of Development