Art Studio

Fridats 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Our Art Studio Program stresses the importance of arts and culture and allows clients to express their creativity while building community. All of our guests are encouraged to share their talents.

Our Dining Room

Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday 12:30PM Meal
Sunday 2:00PM Meal

Our Dining Room alleviates hunger by serving hot, nourishing meals to low income families as well as single and homeless individuals. We welcome guests Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. In 2016, we increased our Dining Room schedule from 4 to 5 days a week with the addition of a Tuesday meal. Consequently, we served 30,286 meals to our hungry guests. We open our doors by 9am and invite people to sit, relax, read, enjoy coffee and socialize while they wait for the meal. One of the most exceptional characteristics of our dining room is that it is managed almost exclusively by a dedicated volunteer corps.

Last year more than 1,800 individuals gave of their time to ensure that the dining room was an enjoyable experience for our guests. Our volunteers serve the meal as though they were serving guests in their home. Since so many of our guests return on a regular basis, we make it a priority to learn each of their stories and address their individual needs. It is through the relationships that are formed in the dining room that guests are referred to our other programs.


Health Center

Tuesdays 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Saturdays 10:00AM- 2:00PM

118 nursing students volunteered  730 hours.

Our nurses treat the toxic consequences of poverty such asthma, hypertension, diabetes, severe foot issues and stress.

In 2016, 756 people made a total of 2,116 visits to the Health Center

To address the high number of lower extremity amputations in the Germantown community we have partnered with Dr. Ron Renzi, a podiatrist with Jefferson Health Systems. Dr. Renzi started the Save Your Soles campaign to reduce amputations in the male African-American community. Dr. Renzi and his team of health care professionals treated 90 high risk patients in the Face to Face Health Center last year.

Social Services


Monday, Tuesday, Friday 
& Saturday 10:00AM-2:00PM

In 2016 our social worker assisted 590 clients.

The Face to Face Social Services Center provides assistance to clients in a wide range of matters including, utility shut offs, services for the disabled, emergency home repair, and applications for vital benefits. Our Social Services Center collaborates closely with our other programs to insure that each guest‘s needs are addressed as fully as possible.

Legal Center

Monday 10:00AM–12:00PM
Tuesday 10:00AM–2:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM–12:00PM

Open Saturdays:
May 13th 20th, June 10th and 24th, July 8th and 22nd, and August 12th and 26th

The Legal Center will be closed on:
May 29th, July 3rd, 4th,10th, and 11th and August 14th and 15th