Volunteer FAQs

If you are considering volunteering with Face to Face, please take some time to review our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have additional questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Q: How do I start volunteering?

A: Before volunteering with us, all volunteers must complete an application and then meet with the Volunteer Coordinator. More information can be found on our How to Volunteer page.

Q: How old do I need to be to volunteer?

A: Volunteers are required to be at least 12 years old. If you are under 12 years of age, we welcome your help with creating snack bags or our make a meal/casserole program (see Other Ways to Help).

Q: What types of jobs do volunteers typically help with at Face to Face?

A: Over 200 volunteers per week assist Face to Face in a myriad of ways. As a volunteer, you can help by preparing a meal, serving a meal, washing dishes, cleaning the hallway and stairs, or sorting donations. Often times, when a need arises, volunteers are ready to jump in to help!

Q: Once I complete the application and meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, can I begin volunteering immediately?

A: After you meet with the Volunteer Coordinator, you will be able to schedule your first shift. The schedule often fills quickly, but we are certain you will find a date and time that works for you!

Q: Do you accept volunteers that need to complete mandated community service hours?

A: Yes, we accept volunteers who need to complete community service for school, extracurricular programs. Please visit How to Volunteer for more information.

Q: How often am I required to volunteer?

A: There is no minimum number of days you are required to volunteer. Face to Face volunteers help as often as their schedule allows. Volunteers serve a few times a week, a few times a month, or once a year. It is up to your schedule and our availability of dates.

Q: What time are volunteers required to arrive for a shift in the dining room?

A: Volunteers on meal prep should arrive at Face to Face at 9:30am Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. On Sundays, please arrive at 10am for meal prep. Expect to stay until 1pm.

If you are volunteering for meal serving, please arrive at 11:30am Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You can expect to stay until 2/2:30pm. When you sign up to volunteer, these times will be given to you as well.

Q: I would like to volunteer with a group from my company/organization/school, how can I make this happen?

A: Please visit our How to Volunteer page and complete the group volunteer form.

Q: What should I wear to volunteer?

A: Please dress appropriately. We ask that you wear comfortable clothing, but nothing too revealing. A long t-shirt and long shorts or pants is preferable.

Q: What do I do if I have to cancel my scheduled shift?

A: Please make sure you let us know if you can’t make your scheduled shift. Face to Face counts on our volunteers to do what we do daily! We truly could not run our programs without you. Please email the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as you know you can’t commit to your scheduled time. This will give the Volunteer Coordinator time to hopefully find a replacement.