For a complete list of accepted donations click here.

Although we are always grateful to receive donations from our list, if they are separated (all shampoos in one bag, deodorants in another, etc.) It is a great help to us and allows our staff to spend more time assisting our guests.

For a list of items that we currently need most, click here.

Donations are accepted mondays, tuesdays, fridays, saturdays from 9am – 2pm and sundays from 11am – 3:30pm. Please note that our programs are closed on wednesdays and thursdays and donations cannot be accepted on these days.
Park in the lot adjacent to face to face and ring the bell at the door located at the far end of our building. Google map us at 123 e price street, philadelphia.

At this time we ask that all donations be dropped off at face to face during hours listed above.

A. We do not accept small household appliance and, due to limited storage space and the lack of a dedicated area for guests to try on clothes, we cannot accept any sized clothing (blouses, jeans, khakis, button-down shirts, shoes etc.) However, we recommend a few organizations in our area who are grateful for donations of clothing, small household appliances and other items.

For a list of these organizations, click here.

We are excited announce that we have partnered with mercy neighborhood ministries! Although face to face does not accept children’s clothing or toys, we invite you to contact mercy neighborhood ministries directly with questions regarding donations:

Barbara coleman: 215.227.4393

For a list of other local organizations that would be happy to accept donations for children, click here.

A. Frequently, groups ask if they can donate large amounts of soup, take-home lunches, snack bags or a large amount of casseroles and we are always grateful for these donations. We ask that you contact us before preparing your donation, so we can discuss details such as amounts needed and a delivery date that works best for both you and face to face. Contact information can be found below.

Yes. When you donate from our wish list, you will be asked to fill out a form with your contact information and a short description of your donation. Shortly after, you will receive an acknowledgement of your donation by mail.

For any additional questions regarding our donation list or group donations, please contact
Marie mccabe: 215-438-7939 ext. 201