Face to Face…Offering dignity, compassion, and a sense of community

  • In the Germantown section of Philadelphia, more than 26% of residents live in deep poverty; which is defined as living on less than 50% of the Federal Poverty line. Specifically, it means living on $5,400 a year or less for a single person and $11,700 a year or less for a family of four. Face to Face’s goal is to reach out to the people of Germantown on the margins of society and offer substantive help and hope. We welcome those that society shuns and treat them with dignity and respect. The mentally ill, the homeless, those struggling with addiction, the impoverished elderly, single parents and struggling families, are all welcomed at Face to Face. Our programs work to lift our guests beyond the reach of crushing poverty.
  • From its origins as a soup kitchen in 1985, Face to Face has evolved into a multi-service organization that offers free human services to more than 2,500 low income and homeless individuals each year. We offer a Dining Room which serves a hot meal restaurant style Fridays through Tuesdays. Doors open at 9am Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and at 11am on Sundays, allowing guests to socialize over coffee while they wait for the meal.
  • In addition to the Dining Room we offer a nurse managed Health Center, a Social Services Center, a Legal Center, a Neighborhood Arts Studio and a Summer Camp program. We also have a Washeteria were people can take a hot shower and receive a new set of clothes. Each program is designed to interact with the others to comprehensively meet the needs of our guests.
  • At Face to Face we are guided by our motto: Hospitality, Mutuality and Transformation. When an individual or family enters our doors we greet them with warmth and acceptance.
  • Face to Face believes that each guest is the equal of each staff member and volunteer. It is our experience that by interacting with our guests in this way we are all mutually transformed by the understanding that comes from the relationships established.